Bet Review: William, Wober

Fulham won the game 2-1 and narrowing won on xG 1.44 to 1.07 which I was anticipating, as in the preview I said they should conceded 1 to 2 goals. Fulham did look to isolate William against the right back and it did happen a lot with him attempting 11 dribbles during the game, the highest out of anyone in this game, and five of them were on the edge of the box.

However, he wasn’t able to make the most of this, contributing to zero key passes in the game. He did have three shots during the game, Fulham’s second highest after Pereira, but they were all from outside the box. All in all, the was an OK bet, but I expected a bit better from him.

Wober did get forward on occasion and did have a few touches in the Fulham penalty area, but had no key passes and no shots during the game. At 85.0 there is margin for error and overall I would still rate this a profitable play. He had 72 touches during the game, Leed’s second highest, but the majority was on the left touchline. He also had the most passes for Leeds at 60.

Leeds created very little and will be the focus on today’s bet when they play Leicester.

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