Review: Man City Leicester

The expectation was that City would look to start strong and then try to shut down the game. The risk with this is that players can switch off. Leicester also can rally during games, particularly when they are behind.

So I laid City in this game for €35 which was the remainder of the Betfair balance at various odds, including one of 280.0.

The xG shows the Leicester had the better of it at 1.93 to 1.61. And watching the chances after the game Leicester definately could have gotten a draw. So I am verry happy with this decision as over a ten games this would won a number of times.

The risk with backing Leicester at the moment is that they are on slippery slope and morale has to be low. So I feel like their actual xG is lower as they become fearful of relegation as well as adapt to the new management team.

I have reloaded the account at €100 and now we go again.

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