Bet Review: Wober, Aurier, Wiliams to have shots on target

None of these bets landed yesterday, but were they on track?

The data show that Wober had no shots on goal which wasn’t helped by the fact that Leeds only had two corners during the game, when they typically have four. In their free-kicks Wober was up there but he dropped back as the ball as being floated in. Perhaps waiting for a second ball and have a shot but it looked a bit unusual or perhaps they were afraid of conceding a goal on the counter attack and dropped back if they knew they weren’t going to be able to attack it.

Typically I would give this bet another few games but this current situation at Leeds is really make or break with two games coming up against Man United so it will be very difficult as United are increasingly playing better football.

Aurier was on the bench but came on at half time to reduce the threat of Ngonto on Leeds’ left. This also meant that he wasn’t going to get forward very much as Williams was left on but pushed a bit further forward.

Williams had a great opportunity to score (I backed him to score at 20.0) when he was clean through on goal but had a poor second touch which lost the opportunity and he ended up shooting over.

Again, I over did things when it came to the staking plan getting a bit greedy and the account is now at €416. But the general feeling is that the data driven approach along with the review is yielding the results, the only thing that is letting me down is now respecting the staking plan.

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