Bet Review: Ouattara to have 2 shots on target

Ouattara had four shots during the game with one on target, so the bet lost but demonstrated to me that it was the right call given the odds of 13.0.

Brighton typically concede 8.9 shots per game but Bournemouth had 9 with three blocked. Ouattara therefore had a third of their attempts which was the assumption in the preview.

There were also two situations during the game where Ouattara was involved in that in most situations would have influenced the game more. One was the penalty appeal where he was pushed off the ball by Estupinan and the second was a counter attack where he was in a 2 v 1 situation but didn’t get passed to by the forward Semenyo.

Also, the Bournemouth manager Gary O’Neill changed from a four at the back to a five at the back with 9 minutes to go. In the preview 15 minutes Ouattara had three chances and was Bournemouth’s main threat, but after the change he was out of the game. I’ll have to look into this further and see how his positional play changed.

This is a bet that has value at 13.0 and one that I will consider against Newcastle, Wolves and Man City in the next three games.

The other bets of Bournemouth to win 2-0 at HT, to be winning HT and FT as well as -1, didn’t really look like ever coming in, but if the penalty had been given at 0-0 then perhaps.

What we can learn from Brighton in this game is that DeZerbi has a clear style of play that the group of players understand very well. And it doesn’t matter as much when players are missing. Estupinan is one player at the back who looks like he would be missed as he can offer so much going forward as well as being able to track back and defend.

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