Staking Plan

After losing 40% of the bankroll on Nottingham Forest against Man United it is clear to me that I need stricter controls on the staking plan. Of course I knew the risks and knew I had too much riding on that game, but as I was looking at the potential profit more than the potential loss, I told myself it was OK.

But I knew I was lying to myself and so need rules to make this work.

Stage 1: Staking Plan Up to €1000

Minor Value: €8 max stake on game – not on market, like correct score or player to score, but in total on the game. So if I wanted to place two bets then it should be €4 and €4.

This is an average of 1.6% between 0 and €1000.

Major Value: The major value opportunity staking limits I am setting are 7x the minor value stakes. So in this stage that is €56.

Should I get back over €1000 then I will set the limits for that stake between €1000 and €10,000.

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