Bet Review: Nunez to score

Nunez failed to score against Brentford, and we lost six stakes on this bet. The odds were 8.6 on Betfair. Nunez’s xG for the game finished at 0.79, but watching his chances during the game, he could easily have had two goals with one shot getting cleared off the line when he had rounded the goalkeeper, while a second chance that he scored was ruled out for a very marginal off-side.

The expectation was that this was a very marginal bet as stated in the preview and it came very close to landing so at odds of 8.6 it looks like this kind of bet would deliver longer term.

Liverpool will not go on a long winning run this season based on their structural problems in the side and constant changing of personnel. The continue to let in goals. The expectation was they would win this game with comfort but avoided placing a bet on them directly which turned out to be the best move.

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